• promodo awards
  • From this audit you
    will learn the following:

    • What hampers your site's conversion rate;
    • How to fix SEO blunders that you have;
    • What else can be done for your store with the help of a PPC campaign;
    • How to run your own DIY audit for your Websites health;
    • Best practices of usability;
    • General multi-channel marketing strategies you are missing;
    • Some quick fixes you can implement on your site right now.

    Learn the secret to increase your traffic and sales tenfold from this audit. Improve your website in every way imaginable.

    Great session today! I really learned a lot, and lucky for me, our site was red in almost every spreadsheet you showed...which means we have a lot of opportunity for improvement!

    I was wondering if you would be sending any of those spreadsheets or pages from the session out to us so that we can see what we need to work on, and to have access to the links you shared on some of them?

    Thanks again for the info. I'm looking forward to the personalized audit!

    Best Regards, Tyrone Hazen Head of Business Development

    Can I just quickly say a huge thank you for all the incredible information you have thrown my way. Wow - is all I can say at the moment as I try to digest and take it all in. What invaluable information and I can't thank you enough. I have already begun to make the changes necessary and will be looking forward to seeing the results in time. Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much again.

    NB: please note the T&C's below regarding your booking.

    cheers Tiffany